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FEEDSTUFFS PRECISION PORK: Special Report - Intestinal immunity and why it matters in pork nutrition

Episode Summary

In this special Feedstuffs Precision Pork episode, we explore intestinal immunity and pork nutrition.

Episode Notes

Welcome to this special episode of Feedstuffs Precision Pork where we explore intestinal immunity and why it matters in pork nutrition.

It's no secret that pigs with heavier weaning weights transition and perform better later in production. With performance being a major factor in leaving profitability on the table, the economic implications of keeping pigs growing and healthy during the weaning transition makes intestinal immunity a top priority. Restricting the amount of protein entering the hindgut and not being digested early on in the process can aid in preventing stool issues and other immunity challenges.

This relationship between increased fermentable protein (FP), which is the undigested protein that makes it to the hindgut, and gut disturbances, like post-weaning diarrhea, is widely known throughout the pork industry. However, being able to measure and balance diets to this phenomenon has been mostly left to intuition and balancing for crude protein.

What if there was a more accurate and easier way to apply this knowledge to diets on commercial operations? With this in mind, we talk with Mark Newcomb and Dr. Jim Jolliff of Provimi to gain some insights into this topic. 

For an even deeper dive in the supporting research check out this article .

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